Over Half in the South Struggled With Energy Bills Amid Record Heat Over the Summer

October 12, 2023
1 min read
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The Gist: According to a new report, in the sweltering summer of 2023, 50% of Southerners report difficulty in paying their energy bills, a reflection of the record-breaking temperatures and increased demand on cooling systems​.

The Details: Nationwide, energy bills have surged, with 69% of Americans noting higher bills than previous years. In the South, the reliance on air conditioning due to extreme heat has contributed to this spike​.

By The Numbers:

  • National average electric bill: $201/month
  • South’s winter average home temp: 70.1 degrees​.

In Context: While Americans nationwide feel the pinch, it’s especially pronounced in the South due to the region’s intense heat and subsequent reliance on cooling systems​.

Why It Matters: Rising costs impact daily living, with many seeking cost-cutting strategies such as using energy-efficient bulbs and adjusting home temperatures​.

What’s Next? As seasons change, homeowners must stay informed and adapt to ensure comfort without breaking the bank.

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