That’s Embarrassing: North Carolina Chicken Restaurant Goes Viral For Spelling Its Own Name Wrong

March 30, 2024
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"Bojangles" by wfyurasko is licensed under CC BY 2.0

When it comes to signs, misspellings are bound to happen. Humans make mistakes, often to the amusement of other humans. And recently, the internet reacted to Bojangles displaying the incorrect spelling of the fried chicken franchiseon a remodeled store.

On March 26, a member from a Facebook group based in North Carolina shared the misspelling they spotted on the signage of their local Bojangles.

“Remodeled Bojangles in Knightdale has a little spelling twist to it… just scan the photo,” they captioned their photo.

If you look closely, the sign on one side of the building reads “Bojagnles.” And fellow Facebook users had a field day in the comments.

North Carolina Bojangles goes viral for typo on sign

— FOX8 WGHP (@myfox8) March 28, 2024

Some responses to the misspelling were snarky, with one person writing, “Reason 1,237,987 to FUND Public Education!!!”

Another Facebook user commented, “Can you imagine how embarrassing that would be for whoever messed this up,” while someone else predicted, “Somebody is getting fired come Monday!”

Other commenters passed the vibe check, with one person declaring, “Pronounced BOJONLES.” Yet another person joked, “Sign guy has 1 job.”

Bojangles RDU commented, “Never let them know your next move.”

Meanwhile, someone else pointed out, “Hey I think it’s a great marketing strategy- now everyone is talking about them,”

Yet another Facebook user hinted they are ready for the remodel to be over already, declaring, “Just leave it, we’ve been waiting long enough!!!”

A spokesperson for Bojangles told Fox8 WGHP that someone notified the company of the typo pretty quickly after it happened. Within hours, the installers replaced it.

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