13 Signs it is Fall in The South

September 16, 2023
1 min read
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Y’all, it’s that time of year again when the South undergoes its very subtle transformation into fall. But just in case you’re having trouble spotting the signs amidst the lingering heat, we’ve got your back.

Here are 13 unmistakable indications that autumn has graced us with its presence, Southern style.

Pumpkin Spice… Everything: When your local diner offers pumpkin spice grits, you know it’s officially fall. Heck, even our sweet tea has been known to get a hint of pumpkin spice.

Football Overload: Your neighbor’s yard is now decked out with twice as many college football flags as there are actual trees.

“Sweater Weather” is Relative: Northerners may be pulling out their winter coats, but down here, if it drops below 80 degrees, it’s time to bust out those long-sleeve t-shirts.

Haunted Hayrides: Yes, we’ll willingly pay someone to cart us around on a hay bale so we can be spooked by our cousin dressed as a zombie. It’s tradition.

Leaves Change Color… Kind of: You might notice a tree or two that decides to join the fall festivities by changing its leaves, particularly in the cooler mountainous regions. The rest? They didn’t get the memo.

Air Conditioner Gets a Break: Instead of running 24/7, your AC now gets a minor breather – operating just 23/6.

Festivals Everywhere: If there’s an apple, pumpkin, or even a twig that’s fallen, best believe we have a festival for it.

Fried Fall Foods: If you thought we had a penchant for fried foods during other seasons of the year, you haven’t seen what we do during fair season. Fried Kool-Aid, anyone?

Boots Become A Thing: The temperature drops by one degree and suddenly every Southern belle is in her fanciest fall boots, though it’s still too warm for socks.

Bonfires with a Twist: That’s right. Our bonfires include both s’mores and mosquito repellent.

Garden Decor: Your grandmother has swapped her flamingo lawn ornaments for scarecrows and gourds.

Ghost Stories: Suddenly, everyone remembers that their great-aunt’s cousin’s friend had a haunted house. Southern Gothic tales are the spice of life!

Thanksgiving Prep: While the rest of the country is thinking about Halloween, we’re already planning the seating chart and menu for our massive family Thanksgiving.

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