Louisiana woman Survives After Taco Bell Sign Crushes Her Car in Drive-Thru

September 17, 2023
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A Louisiana resident recently stopped for some fast food, and she lived to tell the tale. 

It probably seemed like any other day as the unnamed woman waited in line at her local Taco Bell drive-thru, but, thanks to a brutal storm brewing at the time, the normally dull errand very nearly became deadly. 

As she waited her turn, one of the restaurant’s giant signs toppled over in the wind, completely crushing the back half of the woman’s car. She managed to walk away with just a minor laceration on her head, requiring a few staples to close it back up, but we can only imagine the outcome if she’d been idling just a foot further back. 

The Crowley Police Department shared photos of the aftermath on Facebook, where the massive sign was sprawled out across the parking lot. 

In another photo, obtained by Taste of Country, the vehicle could be seen completely crushed across the back half. 

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The woman’s daughter, Madyson Dailey, spoke with local news affiliate KATC following the incident, recounting how her mom “looked up and saw the sign wobbling.” She said the sign was in the backseat “within seconds.” 

Her mom called her up shortly after the fact, telling Dailey that she was bleeding from the head and stuck in the vehicle. 

Scott Richard, superintendent of Acadia Parish, told Taste of Country that emergency medical workers arrived on scene quickly. “The individual was taken out of the car very carefully and miraculously she was not injured more than she was.”

At the time, Taco Bell did not respond to the publications’ requests for comment. 

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