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Collier County Officials warn of flooded roads after Hurricane Idalia

Drivers in Collier County have more to worry about than just the usual traffic. After Hurricane Idalia, higher-than-normal tides have led to closures and waterlogged roads, sparking concern over road safety.

What Happened?: San Marco Road, from US 41 to the Stan Gober Memorial Bridge, is currently closed due to water accumulation. Once things dry up, the road will open but might shut down again during the next high tides. In the meantime, you can use Collier Blvd. and the Jolley Bridge.

It’s not just San Marco Road that’s having a hard time. Danford Road, from Hamilton Road to Bayview Park, is another stretch where water’s creeping onto the asphalt. A similar situation is happening on several roads off Vanderbilt Drive, including Park Ave., Pan Am Ave., and more.

By The Numbers:

  • 1: Major roadway closed — San Marco Road/CR 92
  • Multiple: Roads off Vanderbilt Drive with water over them
  • Through Saturday: Time period when these “king tides” are expected to persist

Why It Matters: If you can’t see the ground, the simple advice is to turn around. These waters are not to be underestimated. Even six inches of fast-moving water can knock a person off their feet, and it takes just two feet of water to carry away a car.

What’s Next: Road crews will continue their work, from debris removal to improving drainage, aiming to minimize the flood impact. If you encounter a seriously flooded area, report it to the Road, Bridge & Stormwater Maintenance Division at their contact number, which is (239) 252-8924. And remember, if the road ahead is more water than asphalt, better to take a detour than take a risk.

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