Southern Twists on New Year’s Eve: From MoonPies to Pineapples

December 27, 2023
1 min read

Southern New Year’s celebrations in the South offer a delightful variety of quirky and unique “drops” that embody the region’s diverse culture and humor, a charming contrast to the famous New York City ball drop. These events celebrate local heritage and often feature symbols significant to each area.

Here are a few of the South’s trademark New Year’s Eve drops.

Nashville, Tennessee resonates with its musical roots through the Music Note Drop, echoing the city’s rich musical heritage.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana captivates with the Red Stick Revelry, featuring a dazzling lighted red stick, symbolizing the city’s vibrant energy.

Mobile, Alabama shines with the MoonPie Over Mobile, where a giant MoonPie descends, encapsulating the region’s love for this iconic treat.

Miami, Florida‘s Big Orange, a giant neon orange, ascends at the stroke of midnight, reflecting the city’s tropical essence.

Mount Olive, North Carolina lowers a glowing pickle, a nod to its famous pickle company, adding a quirky twist to the New Year’s tradition.

Key West, Florida drops a Conch Shell, symbolizing the area’s maritime culture and island spirit.

Amelia Island, Florida introduces a coastal flair with its Shrimp Drop, illuminating the night with a giant shrimp.

Sarasota, Florida welcomes the new year with a Pineapple Drop, honoring the tropical vibes of the region..

Each event is a testament to the rich, diverse cultural tapestry of the Southern United States, offering a unique and memorable way to usher in the new year.

These events reflect the Southern spirit of celebration and community, offering unique and memorable ways to ring in the New Year.

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